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Being under construction for some time, Self-production.org is present now in its basic form, though rather passive temporarily.
After Walden three, ' 76, Walden four, 1, 2 and 3, ' 99, ' 06, ' 07, Walden five' is to be
completed. In fact and in their own language called Walden drie, Walden vier, 1, 2, and 3, Walden vijf.

Walden (Thoreau, 1849) and Walden two (Skinner, 1946) originally in english, the dutch Walden three' staying close in a way to the Walden idea of living highly self-sufficient, as the translated opening text, a pamphlet distributed the early se-
venties in the Netherlands, shows:



I am actually willing to prove
and challenge anyone to deny
that I am able to provide for my material needs
abundantly and almost completely from the acre of land'
that in this country fairly becomes to me.


The land, half a soccer field, is given and,
by way of investment, five years unemployment income
plus a closely defined covering of medical risks.


Without other sources of income than this
and that what grows and blossoms, I will sing it out''                            
in our half automatic and centrally heated garden house Walden 3
that, if nobody dismantles it, will still be present there
three hundred years from now,
for ten years at least, for the time being.

And where.

Lies over twenty-seven years in this country the ringfarm 1001
where so many people almost completely
provide for their material needs
from the 1000''' or so acres that surround them.

' a quarter of an hectare in fact, 2500 m2.
'' hold out
''' 271 hectares, it was.

The text is from 1974, after a study of film first and sociology later, 1964 -1974, and continuing some similar proetry.
Walden three' gives the poetical story of its distribution, as do the successive
Waldens more prozaÔc of other texts, their publicity and the mission in general.  
To be noted here, shortly afterwards the country's unemployment reached a post war peak; a well known dutch writer, psychiatrist, social philosopher and reformer, Frederik van Eeden, inspired by Thoreau, went to live with some others in a more or less like way, their project, 1898 -1907, called Walden.        


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A year later                                                                                         feb ' 09

Buy less, buy different, produce yourself ' added to
Youtube self-sufficiency links to
Biblio, magazines' and to Sites, general'.
Some on windpower to
Sites, residence, energy'.

The motorwind turbine perhaps to be a break through in windmill land. With others that do not turn with wind direction, rather smallscale and thus visually more or less attractive alongside roads, on buildings and in other places.
A long (e.g 250 cm) horizontal axis on which small diameter (e.g 40 cm) rotor blade(s), Studio's roof ridge turbine device (nokturbine), could possibly do the  same thing. Are several types of rotorblade(s) design for the long horizontal axis windmill probable, difficult to find though on the internet. The 'aerocam', see
Sites, residence' at least one.

A Studio device succesfully put into practice and rather new in the field, is the
Compool (1). It brings the black water on/in the compost 'heap' of kitchen and gar-
den waste, which is contained in a waterproof basin. Superfluous fluid goes through a well into a waterproof reed filter, which also ends in a well that empties in the ground. 
From time to time compost is taken out from the end of the basin (e.g 400 x 100 x 50 cm) and the composting mass moved accordingly. Aside of the basin the pro-
duct is stored next to ready to use garden waste.
Excess fluid, before going into the reed filter, can also be used to enrich the stored compost or directly as a fertilizer, and coming out of the reed bed to water the garden.
1. A combination of compost and riool (sewer). The name is more appropriate in the dutch than in the english language. (see, and translate, if you like
Compool in gebruik)

Work on this website still very sporadic, no incoming post, little response on the scarce outgoing email. Next job a refreshment of the Biblio and Sites sections.  Walden vijf (Walden five) as earlier mentioned, in progress.
More enties, several links
                                                                   oct ' 09

Biblio, books, general:
Anastasia, Vladimir Megre, 1996.
The transition handbook, Rob Hopkins, 2008.

Biblio, magazines, articles, film:
The earth, newspaper of the Ringing cedars' movement.
Small-scale, sustainable growing practices in Russia, Sharashkin e.a, 2005.

Sites, more general:
Soil association.

Sites, general:
Transition culture.

Sites, garden:
Fokin cultivator (youtube).

Sites, residence:
Yav, ecovillages in Rostov.

New in donspon

For sale : loc-shop.com  (domain, plus website concept)
Loc shop.  (Benelux registered trade mark, plus franchise formula)

loc: local origin certificate.


Preserve farmland for self-sufficiency, Bhutan observer                            
Self sufficiency could beat the recession, Foodbev.com.                    
Brits pro self-sufficiency, but lack confidence, Greenbang.com.                   
New in studio, Brief 2                                                                       may' 09

Self-production: an answer partly to Plato (Politeia), Aristotle (Politics, autarkeia), More (Utopia), Defoe (Robinson CrusoŽ), Rousseau, Smith (The wealth of nations)
, Proudhon, Marx, Bakoenin, Thoreau (Walden), Gandhi, Ginsberg (Howl), ..., and many, many others.   (additions welcome)
An entry and some links                                                                      jul ' 09

Biblio, books, general:
The survival handbook - self-sufficiency for everyone, Michael Allaby, 1975.

Biblio, bibliographies:
Permaculture Bibliography, alternative lifestyles.

Biblio, magazines, articles, film:
Undercurrents, ' 73-76.  (www.scribd.com)
A blueprint for survival, The ecologist, 2.1, jan ' 72.

Sites, general, permaculture
Holmgren design services.
Permaculture wikipedia.

Sites, residence, other handicraft:
Appropedia.org, the sustainability wiki
A book, different sites                                                                        dec ' 09

Biblio, books before 1970 :
The have more plan, Ed and Carolyn Robinson, 1946.
*  Scribd.com
bibliography :
Literary criticism on Walden. American transcendentalism web.
magazines, film :
The produce garden. (youtube canal)

* p.74. Some money, land, job and a car included ?

Sites, more general, environment :
The green belt movement. Greenbeltmovement.org
socio-economic :
International food policy research institute. Ifpri.org
The land is ours. Tlio.org.uk
consumer :
Locavores. Locavores.com
walden, thoreau :
The Walden woods project.  Walden.org
Literary criticism on Walden, bibliography. American transcendentalism web.

Sites, general, homesteading :
forums :
Self-sufficiency and preparedness  City-data.com
blog :
Smallest smallholding.com

Sites, garden, grow zones :
Hardiness zone, Wikipedia.

Sites, residence :
Cal-earth sandbag building. Calearth.org

Graintrader calls food self sufficiency efforts 'nonsense'
The nonsense of food self sufficiency
Academy strives to teach students self sufficiency

By the way.
Walden five, dutch language and setting, parts 1. Sustainable (' 01, 02) and 2. Smallest footprint (' 03, 04) as good as finished. Three more to go.


Before turning the page                                                                    dec ' 10

New in Studio : Sustainable ... .

Biblio, books, general :
Google books, self-sufficiency.

Biblio, books before 1970 :
Google books, self-sufficiency.

Biblio, magazines ... :
Photo, film/video moved to Sites. In corresponding categories.

Sites, more general, economy :
History of economic thought. (domestic/household self-sufficiency ?)
History of economic thought. wikipedia. (domestic/household self-sufficiency ?)
Localism in Thailand. wikipedia. (sufficiency economy)
Enough is enough. (steadystate economy)
socio economic :
Dying villages.

Sites, general, blogs :           
Ukiah blog.  local shop, local economy and other themes.

Sites, garden :
Synergistic garden.  (Livingontheland mailing list)
Natural farming.org  (Fukuoka)


What does Sufficiency economy mean
... In 1996, the King crystallised this wisdom in the example of a model family
farm. By dividing up the average Thai holding of 2.4 hectares into a pond, rice
paddy and space for trees and vegetables, a farming household could
theoretically achieve self-reliance. For many families that had sunk steadily
deeper into debt as cash mono-cropping delivered lower returns and higher risks,
this model was an alternative. But it was not an end in itself. Full self-sufficiency
was, in the King's words, "only a Stone Age economy ... There must be some
gradual development, some
exchange and cooperation". A measure of
self-reliance was only the foundation for the household to progress to more trade
and specialisation within the local community, and then for greater engagement
between the community and the outside world. The King later explained,
"Progress is not just about planting enough rice to eat. There must be enough to
create schools, even works of art, so that Thailand prospers in every way, with no
hunger or poverty, food for body and soul, and many other things." ...

Compare Steady state economy (enough is enough), Sustainable economy, and
others. Anyhow: less airplanes, trains, ships, cars, ..., living near working,
working near living, basic income, ... , ... . ?

Dying villages. With a right to land and a basic income, deserted country sites
would soon be repopulated, given frugal motorised transport, some electronics.


A search on Earth tube heating, Studio's favoured house heating solution (see
Sites, residence, earth and sun) did surprisingly give only direct inflow of 'hot' air.
For instance Awadukt thermo, air-ground heat exchanger system.
Indirect heating (and cooling), avoiding microbe and other problems, will possibly
pop up in further searches.

By the way.
Walden five, dutch language and setting, part 3, Buy less, buy different, produce
yourself ' is ready. For an impression
> (first page digit back, second forward).